On the Land and Inhabitants of Olias:

A brief introduction by Davonius Arakarth, Keeper of the Seven Keys.


The name Olias means “The Old Land” in a language spoken by an unknown race that time has long since forgotten. It is unknown how the land of Olias came to be and it is often though that the land is as eternal as the old gods themselves. While the land is as old as time, the current inhabitants and their relations are not. For as long as anyone can remember, the land has been divided into any number of different and diverse kingdoms. Currently there are five. These five kingdoms have for the most part existed in their present state since the latter part of the fourth age some 1500 years ago. The fifth age began when the empire of Ebbeacame to Olias. The Ebbea are a people from beyond the southern sea who came to Olias and quickly conquered most of the land. Six hundred and sixty five years later, the land is no longer united as years of intermarriage assimilated most of the Ebbea into local populations. Those who remained pure-blooded were the royal house which was overthrown by a rebellion nearly two decades ago Since then, the kingdoms of Olias have returned to the fighting that they have done for years…



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